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Everything IS achievable!!

SO...What IS boot camp?


New Hampshire Adventure Boot Camp is an amazing fitness program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals through professional instruction, strength training, building cardio endurance and motivational training from a Certified Group Fitness Trainer. Adventure Boot Camp is packed with fun and exciting activities to keep every workout enjoyable and challenging!


Campers can expect these results with consistency: (everyone's results are different)


  • 3-5% reduction in body fat

  • 5-12 pounds weight loss

  • 25% improvement in strength

  • 1-3 inch decrease in the midsection

  • 25% improvement in endurance

  • Better relaxation

  • Greatly Improved Posture

  • 100% Gain in self confidence


Can I really do this? What if I'm not very fit?

Yes you can, and so what?!  Everybody has to start somewhere. Nobody will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely, and modifications will be made for all fitness levels. That said, no one will go home unchallenged! I mean, if you’re working out in your living room and you don’t like how something feels, you stop right?  Not here – you’ll be asked to push at least one or two reps beyond your comfort zone, that’s my promise to you! You’ll quickly see that women of all ages and abilities participate in boot camp. Each day will increase in intensity and you will be overwhelmed with the inspiration shared by others as well as your own personal strength gains.


WHEN do we meet?

Please see our Calendar for actual program dates. Classes are offered Monday-Friday mornings from 6-7 am, Monday and Friday mornings 6:15-7:15  and our new Healthy Beginnings, AKA Slippercamp, classes are Mon, Wed and Fri mornings from 8:30-9:30a.m.   

What do I need?

First and foremost a GOOD ATTITUDE AND SENSE OF HUMOR!!!  You may want to invest in some weights...a set of 5 - 10 lb. hand held dumbells would be great.  An exercise ma, running shoes (good stable sneakers), circle bands (Amazon) and water to keep yourself hydrated.  Oh and you may just need a towel to wipe the sweat from your brow!  

So, what will I gain in camp?

Well…. gain is rarely a favorite word of my clients; but over the years I’ve grown to love it!  In this case your “gains” will include:  a more fit and toned body, an increase in your confidence and self-esteem, new friendships, endless motivation, new knowledge of ways to work your body that can actually be challenging yet fun and get you results.  And that is just to name a few!  You will certainly also see a reduction in inches, a smaller number on the scale, a firmer behind, defined calves, gorgeous quads, toned arms and my favorite - a greater sense of confidence.

Why should I participate?

Still here? I'm so glad! Clearly you’re interested in making a fresh start and with boot camp you absolutely will! You will become a part of something - a family, a fit, dedicated group of women who, just like you, didn’t know if they dared to take the first step.  You will see a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. In addition, you'll meet great people who share the same passion for acquiring a more healthy body and mind. Best of all, you will be finished with your workout before your neighbors have even gotten out of bed! That means, your evenings are free to spend with your friends or family and you’re more likely to remain mindful during the day of the hard word you’ve put in, so you may think twice about eating that cupcake at the office birthday party.

What is the cost (investment in myself)?

Each boot camp session is based on a per class fee. A "typical" session is 4 weeks in length and the cost per class is just $11 unless otherwise noted. Payment is expected on or by the first of class. See the Calendar page for registration costs based on which session you are interested in. The only other costs to you would be any personal fitness items (water bottle, weights, fitness mat, clothing, etc.) that you may not already have. You know you're worth it!

Okay, I want to get started!

A new camp is starting soon, so register online today! Or if you have more questions, feel free to call me, DeeDee Monahan, your trainer, at (603) 455-7058. Whether you leave me a message online or a text or voicemail, I will get back to you within 24 hours and we will discuss your goals and the logistics of you starting boot camp. 

“I can't believe how much better I feel as a whole. With my "core" being so strong now, my chronic back pain has disappeared.”

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